Why Palau ?

It is my fourth visit to Palau and I am still fascinated. In no other place I felt like doing the same dive again and again and again. Even after 20 dives at Blue Corner or Ulong Channel I would be happy to do it again the next day.

Land life is very easy, too. There are no hustlers trying to sell you stuff you don't need. There is good food of all kinds und price categories. Everything is well organized and you can rely that, if someone says 5 o'clock it is 5 o'clock. (Important for Germans ;-))

I met a lot of people, whom I kept as friends. Locals and Travelers. A lot of travelers keep coming back. If you get into it, it is hard to escape the fascination.

As Palau is hard to get to, it will remain a dream for a lot of people. They didn't manage to put up a golf course, what I really like. The danger, that Palau is getting overrun by too many people and will lose its unspoilt character.

Fortunately Palau has doesn't allow shark fishing anymore, and I hope we are able to watch the fascinating creatures for a long time.