Diary from the 13th to the 19th of October

Thursday the 13th of October 2011

At 8 am we had to leave the boat. Then the usual. Laundry, Internet and so on. At 10 pm to the airport and at midnight the plane to Guam was on its way.

Friday the 14th of October 2011

Arrived at 5 am in Guam. Hotel and sleep for a while. In the afternoon Dianne (Micronesia diary) picked me up and we moved around Guam a bit. It rained heavily the whole time. Then off to the airport. The plane had trouble and we were delayed an hour. Robert picked me up at the airport and we went out. At midnight I was totally tired and we went home.

Saturday the 15th of October 2011

Planned to take an easy day, but Michael and Iwona took me to "Lee Marvin" beach. Really nice. In the evening there was an charity auction. Got some things that I do not need, but ...

Sunday the 16th of October 2011

Since yesterday the weather is really nice and we had a beautiful day at the ocean. Second dive Blue Corner. It is really weird. When I dive "the Corner" I feel home like on no other dive site of the world. Of course it is the single site where I have my most dives (probably more than 50), but the feeling when I am there is incredible. What makes it easy, that it is probably one of the best dive sites of the planet. At the dive shop It is really nice, if you know everybody. Angie and Fred (see Micronesia diary) are still (again) here. Really nice to see them all again. Julie (we met 2008 in Palau) is here. For a lot of people it is hard to escape the charm ...

Monday the 17th of October 2011

The weather and the diving was really nice today. Nevertheless Sam's is crowded at the moment. 12 people on a crappy rental boat. I decided to take a break tomorrow. Too many people. Hopefully it will be better next week.

Tuesday to Saturday 18th to the 22nd of October 2011

The whole week we had gorgeous weather. Didn't need my rain jacket a single time, which is extraordinary for Palau. The viz is outstanding. Haven't had it like that that since 2005. If you see the bottom at 60 meters, that is not really bad. Saw my first bull shark in Palau yesterday. Nice, but a bit weird too, when he swims right at you. Met a lot of people again. Had dinner with fred and Angie, Nick and Flor and Julie and Bob. And of course my regular visits at Roberts Taj. Always busy. But at least it is not boring.


Diary from the 23rd to the 29th of October

Monday to Thursday 23rd to the 27th of October 2011

The last few days past by in a hurry. Beautiful dives and in the evenings I have been always busy. Been invited here and went to dinner with different people. Tuesday I did a Cessna flight with Robert and Iwona to the 70 islands and Blue Corner. They took the door away at the Cessna, that I could film. It was tough to hold the camera against the wind. Late I found out that through the vibrations the videos are pretty shaky. Couldn't see that on the little monitor. I will try to run the clips through an Anti Shake Software. Will be time consuming to fix it. I tried my luck three time with the Mandarin Fish this week. This time I got some decent footage (in contrary to my last visit). I didn't manage to film the mating ceremony. Maybe I will try again. Wednesday I did my dive 200 in Palau. I would be allowed now to take groups out (which I do not intend to).

Martin in Palau

Friday to Saturday 28th to the 29th of October 2011

The last days have been intense. A lot of diving, so I took a day off. Got some Souvenirs and went to the Museum. They have an exhibition about the German History in Palau and Micronesia.(Palau has been German territory from 1899 to 1914) Pretty interesting. The "land register" that Augustin Kraemer wrote in the beginning of the last century is still used to settle land disputes. Strange. Today I went diving. Two dives that were okay, but somehow weird. Hard to explain. Tonight Halloween Party. Not really motivated, but we will see how it goes. Julie sent me the picture. Thanks.

Diary from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November

Sunday to Wednesday 30th of October 2011 to the 2nd of November 2011

No change in pace. I am always on the move in Palau. The Filipino housekeeper at my place asked me "Do you never get tired". I do not know. Probably never in Palau. So I did a couple of things. Finally got the Mandarins mating, did a Rock Island tour with some friends, did a Buggy 4wd  tour with Robert and Iwona. Went to Peleliu. Saw another bull shark. And so on and on. I have done a lot in Palau over my 5 visits and still I think I do not know a lot. After all my diving this year Palau hasn't lost a bit of its fascination for me. I'll be back.