Singapore from the 8th to the 12th of July 2011

On the morning of the 8th we left the Liburan to Manado. Then the inevitable waiting and 3 hours to Singapore. After two weeks with almost no contact to the "outer world", I spend the next days to organize future trips and to enjoy western food. Usually I would avoid German restaurants in foreign countries, but this time it was necessary. Had some things to do and started editing some more Videos. Wasn't really motivated to do so. Push it to Kuala Lumpur. Didn't experience something BIG here. Maybe I just have been here too often to feel the need for more Sightseeing.

Kuala Lumpur from the 1th to the 16th of July 2011

Tuesday the 12th of July 2011

Checked out and off to Changi Airport. First time the low cost carrier Air Asia. Worked out pretty well. In KL arrived and checked in. My Hotel is 5 Minutes to the Petronas Towers. Really impressing buildings. At night when they are fully lighted especially.

Wednesday the 13th of July 2011

Classical tourist program. With the double-decker through KL. Pretty good for a first impression. Got off in Chinatown to buy some DVDs. Not as cheap as in Indonesia and the Philippines, but still okay. After 5 to 6 hours sightseeing I am usually done. With the heat here I just do not want any more. In the evening I went on the hunt for the perfect spot to shoot the Twin Towers. Spoke to almost every Security Guard of the surrounding buildings, if they let me on the roof or in one of the top floors. Of course not a success. But I had a few nice conversations with the boys. A few pictures are usable, but with a good Camera and a tripod shooting from a higher point you would have good chances to get perfect pictures. But ...

Thursday the 14th of July 2011

After a little bribe for the concierge I got a ticket for a tour of the Twin Towers. Otherwise you have to get up at 6 and queue for 3 hours. First you get to the bridge between the towers in the 41st floor. Then they take you to the 86th floor which is about 400 Meters high and gives you a good view over the city. Then I went to the bird park. It is supposed to be one of the biggest of its kind on the planet. The nets are about 20 to 30 Meters high and it doesn't feel that the animals are caged in and they have an "almost" natural environment. Then I went to the movies. Had to see the last Harry Potter. I can't tell why it is always  the same in tropical countries. They have to prove that they got an air condition. We had cozy 17 Degrees Celsius (about 63 Degrees F). Lucky that I had my hoodie. Actually yesterday the girls head scarf made sense for me for the first time ;-).

Friday the 15th of July 2011

Because I am behind with video editing, I stayed in the Hotel and finished Ambon. So just two to go. Lembeh and the Liburan. In the evening I wanted to shoot the Twin Towers again, but we had a thunderstorm. Another chance tomorrow.

Saturday the 16th of July 2011

Again a walk across the city. KL is easy to do with walking and helps me getting fitter.

Siem Reap / Cambodia from the 17th to the 20th of July 2011

Sunday the 17th of July 2011

Got up at 3 am and off to the airport. Arrived at 8 am at Siem Reap. In the afternoon did an excursion to the village on stilts. Pretty interesting that about 600 families live in that village.

Monday the 18th of July 2011

Finally Angkor Wat in the morning. Sometimes you are disappointed, when you wanted to see something for a long time, but not here. The temples are really impressive. When you look at the towers of Angkor Wat and the Bayon at Angkor Thom you easily end up speechless. After being 7 hours on the move my body temperature was close to boiling and I went two hours chilling. With the evening sun back to Angkor Wat. Just amazing. You enjoy the view and listen to "Dark Side of the Moon" from the Ipod. Just unbelievable. In the Evening Pub Street. The food is quite similar to Thailand. Really nice. I like both the cambodian food and the international dishes.

Tuesday the 19th of July 2011

Went for Sunrise to Angkor Wat again. The light was interesting, but not as dramatic as yesterday evening. Then I went to two temples a little bit further away. In the afternoon it rained, so I started working on my pictures. In the evening Pub street again.

Wednesday the 20th of July 2011

After seeing many temples close to Siem Reap, we went to a more distant one named Beng Melea. About 60 kms away. Similar to Ta Prohm the jungle got his part back. On the way back I looked at some "minor" temples. It was enough somehow. In the evening I went back to the Bayon, but the sun wasn't as good as expected, because it was about to start raining. Then I went to an ATM and got more Dollars. Really strange that Cambodia has its own currency, but you get US Dollars out of the machine.

Sepilok / Sabah (Malaysia) from the 21st to the 23rd of July 2011

Thursday the 21st of July 2011

Travel day. At 7 am to the airport. Flight to Kuala Lumpur. 5 hours layover and then to Sandakan in Sabah. Even if Sabah belongs to Malaysia, you have to go through immigration again and your passport gets a stamp "entered the state of Sabah ...". Really strange. Went out and no transfer. Tourist Information helped me and called them. 45 Minutes later they arrived. I am pretty relaxed at the moment, but after 13 hours of travelling, it was really close that somebody got attacked verbally. But I behaved.

Friday the 22nd of July 2011

Somehow I had trouble to get into moving mode today. Nevertheless I went to the Orang Utans twice. In the morning lots of buses and people were there. You still could see something. The afternoon was much nicer. Less people and you wouldn't feel being close to anybody all the time. I still think it is a good thing that so many people get there, because with the entrance fees they finance the work of the rehabilitation centre. I can sacrifice a few pictures for that. I still got eyes.

Saturday the 23rd of July 2011

In the morning I went to the Proboscis Monkeys (the ones with the big nose). Interesting. In the afternoon one last time with the Orang Utans. Really lucky this time. They stayed very long and we had a younger one that was playful. Even got some pictures. Coming up soon.

Singapore from the 24th to the 25th of July 2011

Sunday the 24th of July 2011

Travel day again. Sandakan to KL and then to Singapore. This time just 4 hours at KLs LCCT (Low cost carrier terminal). Air Asia works really efficient. I book usually emergency exits, because my body index is a little bit different from Asian people. This also gives you the opportunity to board first. Most of the times, when you walk towards the plane, there are still people getting off. You wait 3 Minutes and you are in. They have they restrictions and they stick to it. Could be Germans. If you haven't paid for an exit row, you won't sit there. Even if the 12 seats are free and the rest of the plane is full. Baggage is just point to point. No connections. Baggage drop a maximum of 2 hours before the flight. No announcements for missing people. If you are not there, they leave. I have to admit I like this philosophy very much. It is very cost effective and the prices for the flying are great.

Monday the 25th of July 2011

Had some stuff to organize today. Visa for Indonesia. Camera Batteries. A new multitool, because I lost mine at an airport. Stupid me forgot to put it in checked baggage. And so the day passes. In the evening I went to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel rooftop. Rip Off in my opinion. Afterwards I went on round on the big observation wheel next to it. That was kind of nice. See the pictures resulted on that one.Tomorrow Bali.

To be continued: Diary